What is a Tape-tab?

an amazingly simple tool

No dispenser? How do you start and hold the edge of your tape? It’s easy with colorful Tape-tabs. Tape-tabs come in 1″ and 2″ sizes and fit most standard rolls of tape! Use the bladed edge of a Tape-tab to lift, separate and store the edge when not in use. Sleek curved design makes it perfect to store your tape anywhere.

Who needs it? Anyone who uses tape at home or at the office.

With Tape-tab, you’re always ready to roll!

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U.S. PATENT NO. 10,259,679


Love your tabs!! I could have used them so many times over the years of being a teacher 🙂
Steph A., Special Education Teacher at Colorado Springs School District 11
These will save my marriage!
In my daily work of product production and fulfillment of orders, I use a lot of tape.  Masking, washi, shipping, scotch, electrical – you name it,  they all slow me down for the same reason: the ends gets stuck on the rolls.  But not any more.  Tape tabs solved that problem.   Every roll of every type of sticky tape in my shop is now accessorized with a tab and I don’t waste time or tape finding the ends.   I’ll always have a supply of Tape Tabs on my desk.
Karen T., Owner/Operator at own TheKarenCo.