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What is a Tape-tab?

an amazingly simple tool

Most adhesive tapes don’t come with a dispenser so, how do you start and hold the edge of your tape? It’s easy with colorful Tape-tabs. Tape-tabs come in two sizes and fit almost any roll of tape! You use the bladed edge of a Tape-tab to start your tape’s edge and then to store that edge when not in use. No longer use your nails, scissors, knives or clumsy tools like paper clips.

With Tape-tab, you’re always ready to roll!

Where to find Tape-tabs

Online or in Person!

Tape-tabs can be purchased through our online store or you can find us at events up and down the east coast.

With Tape-tab, you’re always ready to roll!

End Your Tape Frustration

Some kinds of tape come with a handy dispenser, but sadly most do not. Tape-tabs can replace the dispenser and do so much more.

Save Your Nails

Ever ruin a manicure trying to start a roll of tape?

No More Nail Chips

Use a Tape-tab instead of your fingernails to get the leading edge off the roll.

Save Your Tape

Get it started and it tears down the middle... Sound Familiar?

No More Shredded Tape

Tape-tabs help you start the entire leading edge of the tape, not just part of it.

Save Your Sanity

Anything more frustrating than tape sticking to its own roll?

Tape-tabs = Tape-savers

Use a Tape-tab to save your place before you need it. You’ll thank us later!

Available in Four Fantastic Colors

To help you keep tabs on your Tape-tabs, we make them in four great colors: Bimini Blue, Hello Yellow, Orange Appeal, and Basic Black.
*Custom colors available for large orders!

Crafters, Gifters, Scrapbookers Love Tape-tabs

People who like to make and give things tell us they love using Tape-tabs. The tabs help keep you organized, too!

Tabs For Lots of Tapes

Tape-tabs work with many tapes

We’ve tested Tape-tabs on more types of tape than we knew existed. Tape-tabs are attracted to all types of tape! Get yours today.

A Handy Edge

Tape-tabs - so many uses

Tape-tabs aren’t just for tape. Use them to scrape off, price tags, decals, lottery tickets — you name it. They’re super handy!

Tape-tabs Keep You Organized

Tape-tabs can be a lifesaver with messy craft or work spaces. This is one easy life hack!

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Get crafty with Tape-tab

Tape-tabs are available now!

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