Tape-tab’s creator couldn’t take one more minute trying to use a roll of tape that kept re-adhering to itself! Since most rolls of tape are sold without a dispenser, finding a solution became an intriguing challenge for her. Working with her husband, the Tape-tab concept went from napkin sketches, to clay modeling, to CAD software, to 3D printing and then to rapid prototyping — all before final manufacturing. After testing the prototypes with others and several iterations later the elegant and effective Tape-tab was born.

With its one-piece construction, grip end and bladed edge, Tape-tab is the simplest of useful tools. They can be used with many types of adhesive tapes including those for crafting, wrapping, and packing. Tape-tabs are also useful in medical, business, and commercial environments.

Many have said they can’t believe that there hasn’t been anything like this available until now. As of April 16, 2019, after a FIVE YEAR JOURNEY, we are thrilled to announce that we were finally issued our utility patent!

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Keep rolling with Tape-tab.

U.S Patent No. 10,259,679