What started out as a passion to solve a simple annoyance, turned into a journey on the inventor trail. What is the inventor trail? Its months, which turns into years of learning the process from the ground up and still, at the end of the day, trying to figure out what is the next step? Starting with clay modelling and working up to 3D printing, rapid prototyping with silicone molds, and several iterations later, a simple tape-tab was created. It has always been about the challenge to get a product from our living room to the retail shelf (virtual or otherwise). Tape-tab is not a highly complex product but there are key parts to the product design that make it that simple to use. The real challenge lies in finding the right resources if you are not an industry expert whether it is a prototyping company close enough to interact with or patent attorney willing to work with a small business inventor. All these hurdles were knocked down one at a time and the fact that I have a finished part in hand today- makes it all worth it. I am still on my Inventor Trail and today it makes it a lot less winding.

The design and product development journey



Final Product